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About the Company

Sea Wolf Express aims to provide high speed marine transport in Northern Europe.

We will start operating our first route between Tallinn and Helsinki in the near future. We will operate all year round with little limitations from weather.

Sea Wolf Express will operate on a daily basis with 12 departures between Tallinn and Helsinki. Our goal is to provide fast, easy and reliable transportation for the two modern twin cities.

A crossing will take 30 minutes.

WiFi will be available to enable you to work and relax on the go.

Sea Wolf Express aims towards a small carbon footprint and to keep our impact on the environment as small as possible. With a low fuel consumption, low noise levels and little to no swell generated while in service we hope to achieve our current goals fast and to be in the forefront of new technology - such as fully electric propulsion on newer vessels.

Further route expansions are planned but we are not yet ready to reveal the possible new routes.

We are looking forward to seeing you onboard!